Sunday, December 19, 2004

Quonset Boulevard

Film opens with a shot of the Hollywood sign. Camera tracks down the hill at high speed, stumbles over sage brush, chapparal and tumble weeds, knocks over a trash can and hits the pavement and assumes the the perspective of a car being driven down a narrow, winding hillside road. We make a left turn at a traffic light as it turns from yellow to red.

The camera starts out travelling in real time through traffic on Sunset Boulevard and gains momentum. We see the neighborhoods flash by until we reach the Pacific Ocean where we splash into the water. We slow to almost a dead stop and drift on the water just long enough to catch our breath and it's off again. We travel at increasingly high speed over the water. We travel faster and faster and faster.

The camera pans out, and away from the surface of the water. Up into the sky. Planetary shot of the Pacific Ocean and a white wake signifying our position on the water travelling west. The wake bumps into stops abruptly, meanders in a little circle as if to shake off the pain of bumping into Oahu, regains momentum and travels west to Guam. As we travel closer to Guam, our altitude drops and we are once again on the surface of the ocean, travelling at high speed. We hit a banana boat loaded with tourists, capsize it and wash up on the shore of Tumon Bay. Hafa Adai, Welcome to Guam.